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29 Sep 2016
Wine Observatory on Sustainability at the FIVS Meeting in Ottawa
The annual meeting of the Internation Federation of Wines and Spirits (FIVS) will be held in Ottawa ...
03 Nov 2015
Sensory analysis: sustainable viticulture as tribute to the wine quality
For the 2015 edition of SIMEI - International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition – the W...
01 Nov 2015
WINERY 2015: 7th IWA Specialized Conference on Sustainable Viticulture, Winery Wastes & Agri-industrial Wastewater Management
On behalf of the organizing committee, we are pleased to invite you to the 7th IWA Specialized Confe...
02 Oct 2015
First International Symposium on the Valorization of Wine-making By-products for the Food Sector
The main topic of the conference will be the discussion of possible uses of wine-making residues for...

Resource Center

19 Apr 2016
Global Wine Producers Environmental Sustainability Principles
Developed by FIVS, the Global Wine Producers Environmental Sustainability Principles (GWPESP) provide a framework to promote a coordinated, efficient and results-driven approach for the international
18 Apr 2016
Wine Sustainability. Past, Present, Future. Sensory characterization of wines as an integral dimension of sustainability
In the 2015 edition of the SIMEI congress it was decided to focus on the matter of sustainability from two different but complementary points of view: the socio-economic and environmental sustainabili
01 Oct 2014
First Report on Sustainable Winegrowing - towards EXPO Milano 2015
The First Report on Sustainable Winegrowing is the result of a complex journey that has involved 37 experts on the topic of sustainable wine from the technical and scientific community, united by this
15 Apr 2014
From Environmental to Sustainability Programs: A Review of Sustainability Initiatives in the Italian Wine Sector
The Italian wine industry is strongly committed to sustainability: the stakeholders’ interest for the topic is constantly growing and a wide number of sustainability programs have been launched in r


Short description:

As a wine business operating in the rural environment for over 160 years The Yalumba Wine Company understands the need to protect the fundamental elements essential to the making of quality wine: land, air, water and energy. Through its ‘Commitment to Sustainable Winemaking’ programme Yalumba aims to identify, quantify and address any significant lifecycle impacts that may result from the Company’s business activities. To achieve its commitment to sustainable grape growing, winemaking, packaging and distribution Yalumba shall use pertinent national and/or international standards to ensure effective implementation of management systems that protect the environment and the integrity of Yalumba’s wine. More information is available on the official site.

Eden Valley Road, Angaston SA 5353, Australia

Kind of farm:
- Grapes and wine producer

Farm Size:
Big (>50 ha)

Link to official website:

Contact Information:

Tools developed:
Yalumba's Environmental Management System,
Yalumba's Vitis Programme,
Packaging for a Sustainable Future,
The Bacchus Programme, Lean,
Clean & Green Programme,
Share Yalumba (Communication Programme),
Management accounting for sustainability

Short description of results achieved:
Yalumba is the first Wine Company in the World to receive the Climate Protection Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency 2007. Yalumba is also the first Company to be officially recognised (in 2005) by the Australian Government's Greenhouse Office as a 'Leader' in greenhouse gas management, and are the proud recipients of an International Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practices (Australia and New Zealand), from the United Kingdom in 2007. More information is available on the official site.